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I have a lot of happy memories of Cornwall, mainly around Newquay where I enjoyed many family holidays (trying to learn to surf at Watergate Bay).

Watergate Bay, Cornwall.

I will help you find your perfect book quickly and even save you money in the process by highlighting which books are in Kindle Unlimited EVEN IF you haven’t yet joined Kindle Unlimited. (I will show you how and you will save a fortune!)

I will ONLY highlight books with an Amazon ranking of 4 stars and above so you don’t have to wade through countless books and be disappointed.

I will sort them by genre so they are easy to scan for your convenience.

You will go from ‘Hmm… I need a new book’ to ‘My kindle will explode with the amount of books I have downloaded!’

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Who are we?

Claire Hackney and myself are authors. (You will find our books here) and through our business, we have discovered how important it is to deliver what readers like you want.

Here is what you’ll get:

 Where is Cornwall and what is Cornwall famous for?
Detective Novels Set In Cornwall.
Romance Books Set In Cornwall.
Historical Fiction set in Cornwall.
Non-Fiction Books set in Cornwall.
We also have a book set in Cornwall.

Where is Cornwall?

Why you should read books set in Cornwall, UK – it’s beauty is captivating!

Cornwall is situated in the South West England, bordered to the north and west by the Celtic Sea,[4] to the south by the English Channel, and to the east by Devon, the River Tamar forming the border between them. Cornwall is the westernmost part of the South West Peninsula of the island of Great Britain


Cornwall, UK.

You will see lots of scenery like this:

Cornwall, UK.

And like this:

Cornwall, UK.

What is Cornwall famous for?

Cornwall is famous for its pasties, afternoon tea, dreamy ice cream and its gorgeous coastline.

If you visit Cornwall, you MUST try these!

Cornish pasty.


A delicious Cornish Afternoon Tea.
Creamy Cornish ice cream.

Famous Cornish Authors:

Daphne du Maurier

Working as a lady’s companion, the orphaned heroine of Rebecca learns her place. Life begins to look very bleak until, on a trip to the South of France, she meets Maxim de Winter, a handsome widower whose sudden proposal of marriage takes her by surprise. Whisked from glamorous Monte Carlo to his brooding estate, Manderley, on the Cornish Coast, the new Mrs de Winter finds Max a changed man. And the memory of his dead wife Rebecca is forever kept alive by the forbidding Mrs Danvers . . .

Not since Jane Eyre has a heroine faced such difficulty with the Other Woman. An international bestseller that has never gone out of print, Rebecca is the haunting story of a young girl consumed by love and the struggle to find her identity.

Click here to read on Amazon.

Colin Wilson

Howard Lester, a young scientist, becomes obsessed with the problem of death and begins a series of unconventional experiments aimed at increasing human longevity. In the course of their research, Lester and his friend Sir Henry Littleway make a startling discovery: a simple and harmless operation on the brain’s prefrontal cortex results in vastly expanded consciousness and mental powers. After undergoing the procedure themselves, Lester and Littleway develop remarkable abilities, including ‘time vision’, a means of seeing backwards into time. They begin by looking at the relatively recent past-the eighteenth century and Shakespeare’s England. But they soon find they can see much further back, to the days of Stonehenge and the Mayans, and even earlier. . . . But as they get closer to uncovering the beginnings of human existence, they make a terrifying discovery: something ancient and immensely powerful, long asleep, has been awakened by their activities, and is determined to stop them at all costs. . . .

Click here for more of his books.

Click for Extensive list of Cornish Writers

Detective/Crime Novels Set in Cornwall

Discover thrilling crime books set around the mysterious shorelines of Cornwall.

Click on Image to check it out on

Kate Palmer is more than ready for the quiet life in Lower Tinworthy, Cornwall. But within weeks of her arrival, a woman is found dead in the village hall, stabbed to death with her own kitchen knife…

The victim is Fenella Barker Jones: chairwoman of the Women’s Institute, doyenne of the amateur dramatic society, and reigning champion of the WI cake-baking contest. But whilst she may have been at the centre of village life, there were plenty who had reason to dislike her – as Kate is about to find out.

As a practice nurse and one of the first on the scene, Kate can’t help but get drawn into the investigation. Her patients are only too eager to tell her about the victim’s extra-curricular activities and, the more Kate hears about Fenella, the more the list of suspects grows: it seems half the village wanted her dead.

Kate’s sister Angie tells her to leave it alone, but Kate can’t resist piecing together the clues. Especially not if brings her closer to the handsome Detective Inspector ‘Woody’ Forrest, who is near to retiring himself and determined to crack his last case.

But when someone breaks into Kate’s home and leaves a warning note on her pillow, it becomes clear the murderer is prepared to do anything to keep their identity hidden… Will Kate and Woody work out who’s responsible, before she becomes the next victim?

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Is there a killer on the Cornish coast?

One high-profile case. No leads. No witnesses… And no body.

In an idyllic coastal setting, Amanda Walker’s mother has vanished without a trace.

Detective Inspector Rachel Morrison has no leads on the investigation and time is threatening to run out. Amanda, her world shattered, appeals to the public, but when no one comes forward, she chooses to immerse herself within a mysterious, murderous underground group she believes is responsible for her mother’s disappearance.

The only person she confides in is her best friend Poppy.

But will the group believe Amanda’s cover story before it’s too late?

Or is time running out for her as well?

The Burying Place is the first gripping, must-read novel in a tense, edge-of-your-seat thriller fiction series. If you like fast-paced British detective novels, small-town secrets and dark, twisted tales of unspeakable acts, you’ll love Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney’s latest nail-biting and addictive page-turner.

Read The Burying Place now to be captivated from the first page, and astounded by the heart stopping plot twist you never saw coming and will keep you guessing until the very end.

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The perfect holiday destination. The perfect place for murder…

Molly Higgins never expected to be caught up in a murder investigation. All she’d hoped for this year was to work hard, save enough money to open her very own café on the Cornish coast and avoid her ex, Conor Blackstone, who has just arrived back in the village.But when she and Conor discover a body on the cliffside in Port Trevan they are thrown once more together. Molly is keen to leave the mystery to the police, but when she finds herself their top suspect, Molly has no choice but to catch the killer herself – before it is too late

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Romance Books Set in Cornwall

Why is Cornwall great for a romance book?

Find out which books will set your heart racing:

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Escape to the Cornish coast with this irresistible summer read, perfect for fans of Jill Mansell and Philippa Ashley.

A beautiful Cornish village, a shocking turn of events…

Tremarnock is a classic Cornish seaside village. Houses painted in yellow, pink and white, cluster around the harbour, where fishermen still unload their daily catch. It has a pub and a sought-after little restaurant, whitewashed, with bright blue shutters.

Here, Liz has found sanctuary for herself and young daughter, Rosie – far away from Rosie’s cheating father. From early in the morning with her job as a cleaner, till late at night waitressing in the restaurant, Liz works hard to provide for them both.

But trouble is waiting just around the corner. As with all villages, there are tensions, ambitions – and secrets.

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Can the magic of Conwenna Cove heal the hurt of the past?

Eve has everything she’s ever wanted, but when tragedy strikes she loses it all. She seeks solace at her aunt’s home in the beautiful Cornish village of Conwenna Cove. The last thing on her mind is romance – until she meets Jack.

Jack has seen the worst things people can do to each other and realised he is better off alone. He saves his affections for the rescue dogs he cares for. But when Eve arrives in the village he can’t deny his attraction to her.

Eve and Jack are drawn together but scared to love. Can they put fear aside and find happiness again?

Click here to read it.

Click on Image to read on Amazon

Escape to the Cornish coast with this irresistible summer read, perfect for fans of Jill Mansell and Philippa Ashley.

For as long as people can remember, Esme Posorsky has been part of community life in the quaint Cornish fishing village of Tremarnock. She is usually to be found working in her pottery studio or at home with her beloved cat, Rasputin. But when an old school friend turns up with a secret from the past, the villagers begin to wonder if they ever knew her at all.

Meanwhile, teenager Rosie is excited to find a bottle washed up on Tremarnock beach with a message from a former German prisoner of war. While the rest of the village is up in arms about a new housing development, she sets out to find him. Little does she know that her discovery will unleash a shocking chain of events that threatens to blow her family apart.

Tremarnock may look like a tranquil Cornish village. But as with all villages, tensions swirl beneath the surface. When hidden love blossoms and more secrets come to light, will the community fall apart, or pull together?

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Historical Fiction set in Cornwall

What is Cornwall’s history fascinating? Click here to find out.

You’ll learn all about the compelling tales that are set around Cornwall – You’ll be fascinated!

Click Image to read on Amazon

Three women. A chance to rewrite history…

1918.The Great War is over, and Clara Carter has boarded a train bound for Cornwall – to meet a family that would once have been hers. But they must never discover her secret…
1939. Hannah has always been curious about her mother’s mysterious past, but the outbreak of the Second World War casts everything in a new light. As the bombs begin to fall, Hannah and her brothers are determined to do their bit for the war effort – whatever the cost.
2020. Caroline has long been the keeper of her family’s secrets. But now, with her own daughter needing her more than ever, it’s time to tell the truth – to show Natalie that she comes from a long line of women who have weathered the storms of life, as hardy and proud as the rugged Cornish coastline…

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1860’s Cornwall. The touching story of young Maggie Clare who arrives in a small Cornish fishing village to start a new life after a family tragedy. A heartwarming family saga set in Victorian era Cornwall.

“A storyteller after my own heart.” Catherine Cookson

When Maggie arrives in Polsinney Harbour she finds work on Rachel Tallack‘s farm, where Rachel’s fisherman son, Brice, starts to take an interest in the young woman.

Maggie’s hopes for the future are dashed when Rachel discovers her well-kept secret. Faced with disapproval from her neighbours, and Brice, Maggie finds herself all alone once more. But then a proposal that could solve all of her problems comes from a very unexpected source.

Can Maggie find love and acceptance in Polsinney Harbour, and will the dangers of a cruel sea threaten her lasting happiness?

Click here to start reading it now.


Non-Fiction Books set in Cornwall

Discover why you NEED to visit Cornwall

Explore this magical place and see what the fuss is about!

Click image to get from Amazon

An intensely picturesque and idyllic corner of England – Cornwall and Devon encompass a landscape layered with beautiful moorland, quaint villages, white-sand beaches, and ruined castles. Your DK Eyewitness Top 10 travel guide ensures you’ll find your way around Cornwall and Devon with absolute ease.

Our newly updated Top 10 travel guide breaks down the best of Cornwall and Devon into helpful lists of ten – from our own selected highlights to the best museums, pubs, places to eat, shops and festivals.

You’ll discover:

– Seven easy-to-follow itineraries, perfect for a day-trip, a weekend, or a week
– Detailed Top 10 lists of Cornwall and Devon’s must-sees, including detailed descriptions of Lanhydrock, the Eden Project, Dartmoor, Falmouth and the Fal estuary, Exeter, the Isles of Scilly, Porthcurno and the Minack Theatre, St Ives, Penzance and St Michael’s Mount and Padstow
– Cornwall and Devon’s most interesting areas, with the best places for shopping, dining, and sightseeing
– Inspiration for different things to enjoy during your trip – including children’s activities and things to do for free
– A laminated pull-out map of Cornwall and Devon, plus five colour area maps
– Streetsmart advice: get ready, get around, and stay safe
– A lightweight format perfect for your pocket or bag when you’re on the move

DK Eyewitness Top 10s are the UK’s favourite pocket guides and have been helping travellers to make the most of their breaks since 2002.

Looking for more on Devon and Cornwall’s culture, history and attractions? Try our DK Eyewitness England’s South Coast and DK Eyewitness Great Britain.

Click here to get it from Amazon.

Click here to read

The Rough Guide to Devon and Cornwall is the perfect companion to your trip to this captivating peninsula, introducing you to the charms of gentle, pastoral Devon and wild, craggy Cornwall. Both counties will tempt you outside to enjoy their mild climate, with everything from hikes over Dartmoor and surfing off Newquay to puffin-spotting on Lundy Island. But it’s not all about the great outdoors, with awe-inspiring cathedrals, innovative galleries and a well-established local food scene to explore (not to mention an even longer-established cider-drinking tradition).

The Rough Guide to Devon and Cornwall includes honest reviews from our expert author of what to do and where to eat, drink and sleep in the region, alongside detailed full-colour maps and inspiring photography.

Whether you want to visit a rock-hewn theatre or a witchcraft museum, a stately home or a vegan café, The Rough Guide to Devon and Cornwall will help you make the most of your time in these beautiful counties.

Click here to start reading.


Our FREE Book to you: (Prequel set in Cornwall)

The Nurse, The Teacher, The Gardener is the prequel to The Burying Place; Book 1 in the DI Rachel Morrison crime series.

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Self-Publishing? Avoid these 21 mistakes. What indie authors wished they hadn’t done and how you can get ahead. (Easy-to-implement tips)

Are you self-publishing a book?

That’s fantastic!

Imagine seeing your book fly off the ‘shelves’ on Amazon, earning money in your sleep and maybe even becoming a bestseller.

Sounds amazing, right?

Me and my co-author have enjoyed seeing that beautiful little orange tag on our book and it never gets old.

You’re probably thinking ‘There’s so much to learn, lots of tech stuff to overcome and nobody to ask’.

I understand this can get you down.

To the point where you don’t see any sales on Amazon, you want to give up, you feel embarrassed. What do you tell your friends when they ask ‘How are your book sales?’ (and they do trust me!)

Don’t worry, we made LOADS of mistakes that when I look back I cringe!

These self-publishing mistakes cost us time, money, effort and lots of stress!

You are going to learn all the mistakes we made (and how to put them right) along with learning what others wished they had done at the very beginning.

Ready to avoid these silly mistakes….?

Let’s dive in:

But first.

What is Self-Pubishing exactly?

Self-publishing is the publication of media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher. The term usually refers to written media, such as books and magazines, either as an ebook or as a physical copy using POD (print on demand) technology.

(Source: Wikipedia)

It basically means, you’re going it alone. You pay for everything; the book covers, the editing, the marketing etc.  Some may find it scary, some are liberated by that thought.

If you avoid as many of these self-publishing mistakes as possible, your path (and success) will be so much smoother!

I asked authors on the Facebook group ‘SPF’ (Self-Publishing Formula):

‘What mistakes do you wished you hadn’t made when it came to self-publishing/What do you wished you learned sooner when self-publishing on Amazon?’

These were the answers (in no particular order)

When a series is doing well, stay with the series.

What do we mean?

We will cover more about ‘shiny object syndrome’ which is where you jump from exciting thing to another instead of staying the course.

(I’m VERY guilty of doing this!)

Instead, focus on your journey. With a series, you are more likely to make money with publishing 3+ books due to the read-through, so it can feel like a long road. But it will be worth it.

Do your research before-hand and make sure that your book series is something that excites you and excites the market. Which brings us nicely on to number 2.

Don’t write what you love. Write to market

Writing to Market simply means that you are writing types of books that are known to sell well. If you are writing romance ebooks, you might write a paranormal romance or a romance mystery, both being top selling genres in ebook romance.


What some people do when they venture into self-publishing on Amazon, is to write books THEY love. Or they write non-fiction (autobiographies) that being completely honest, nobody is interested in because there isn’t a market at that time.

How do I fix this?

Simply go onto Amazon and look at the best-sellers in the genre you are more comfortable with and look at all the similarities with book covers, storylines, descriptions etc.

Of course, you can write ANY story you want, but if you want to sell it, there needs to be a demand for it

Your friends and your family are not necessarily the same as your target readers.

What does this mean?

When authors first started self-publishing on Amazon. A lot of us would ask ALL our friends and family to buy our book. Totally understandable, right?


There are a couple of problems with this.

Firstly, you may get disappointed by how few people actually go and buy your book. It is best to not rely on friends and family as a way to make an income with your self-publishing. Treat it like a business, because it is.

Also, if you do say make 10 sales of your crime fiction debut novel (that’s great!) but what if your auntie normally buys romance set in the second world war on Amazon?

Why is this a problem?

It can affect what we call your also-boughts.

Basically, when somebody buys a crime book from another author, you want amazon to recommend YOUR crime book to that same buyer as they have a shared interest in crime fiction. And when that buyer purchases your crime book, amazon knows to show your book to more crime fiction readers.


If your also-boughts are all over the place, Amazon won’t bother showing your book as it takes up ‘shelf space’ and they would lose out on money.

Example of also boughts:

When I typed in our book ‘The Burying Place’ (crime fiction), people not only bought that book, but went on to buy other crime books. (which is good).

Friends and family (unless they are editors) are not qualified to edit your book.

What do we mean?

I read a lot about ‘my sister has an A-level in English so she does my editing’.

That’s great, but she isn’t an editor and she is your sister and is likely to be ‘too close’ to you and the story.

You NEED to invest in editing. End of.

These are the benefits of editing:

  • helps you refine what you want to say
  • will save you from your worst writing weaknesses
  • can help you distill your narrative and focus its impact
  • helps you expand or trim your text, as needed
  • tightens plotting and enhances characterization
  • helps you pace your story
  • gives you an expert friend and mentor along the way
  • helps you refine your work to its essential excellence
  • catches and weeds out your writerly foibles (and we all have them)


What are the types of editing:

 Developmental editing

Development editing means the book gets a full, substantial, structural, developmental edit. This will often include everything that’s involved in proofreading and copy-editing, plus a detailed critique of the essential elements of the story (in the case of a novel), which include:

  • Setting
  • Timeline
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Story structure
  • Pacing
  • Presentation
  • Marketability

Line Editing

Line editing is a more intensive structural edit that focuses on the finer aspects of language – the flow of ideas, transition elements, tone, and style.

 Copy Editing

Copy, in the publishing world, refers to the text. So, copy editing could just as easily be called text editing. It’s a word-by-word edit that addresses grammar, usage, and consistency issues. Copy editors will check for typos and spelling errors along with correcting grammar, language, and syntax errors.


Proofreading gets its name from the “proofs” typesetters produce before the final print run.


So, as you can see. There is A LOT that goes into editing. And with all due respect, unless your sister, aunt, partner or whoever is in the business, it is unlikely they would be able to deliver all of this.

Where do I find an editor?

Post in Facebook groups for recommendations (check their previous clients)

You can use our editor: Click here to check them out – say I said Hi!

Look on UPWORK

Research all aspects of your genre.

What do we mean?

Basically, make sure what you’re writing about is up to standard for that genre.

For example, we write in a few genres. But when it comes to our crime fiction, we work with a former police detective to make sure all of our terminology etc. is correct, otherwise you will get slated in Amazon Reviews!

If you write in the Young Adult genre, make sure your content is appropriate. Not sure what is appropriate? Research, read, and find out otherwise before you make more than a dozen sales, you will get 1-star reviews! Ouch!

We also have written a book series set in the deep south in the 1950s. We needed to do LOTS of research! I bought books and spoke to people who grew up in that era and made notes on the news at the time, dress sense, weather, food/diet, accent, culture, laws etc.

We also worked with a virtual assistant to research for us. If you have a look at our reviews, this hard work has paid off.

Click image

You can also look on Amazon to find books that will help your research.

Patience is the name of the game.

What do we mean?

When we first released our debut novel ‘Meet Me At 10’, I put so much pressure on myself.

I literally expected to earn a million pounds from that one book. (Girl on a Train was circulating at the time and I thought, that’s made millions, our book is amazing, so we will make millions too, right?)


We were self-publishing and didn’t know properly how to launch or how to build a community.

Yes, we hit best-seller, but it cost way too much money and we hit a loss.

What can I do?

Spend time on creating. It’s as simple as that. Create more books, more content and you will succeed.

Yes, of course, build up your social media, but your readers need something to read after they have read your debut novel. (the read-through) for you to make money.

But to do this, requires patience and focus. But trust me, the more quality books you create, the better you will do.


What do we mean?

If you are self-publishing on Amazon, stop what you are doing and go buy Vellum – now.

It is a game-changer! And I wished we bought it before we published our debut novel. (we would have saved loads of money getting it professionally formatted)

What is Vellum and how much does it cost?

It is a book formatting software that you only pay for once (around £200 approx.) but trust me, it is worth it!

You simply upload your word.doc to Vellum (so simple to use) and then you can pick how you want your book to look. You can add links, pictures of your other books etc.

Trust me, get it!

Stay in your lane – your journey is your journey

What do we mean?

We learned that self-publishing is a long and exciting journey, filled with ups and downs.

You will learn a lot about yourself and of those around you. You will find out who really supports and those that don’t. All of that is totally normal. Some think that you writing and publishing a book is the best thing ever and others think its boring.

But guess what?

It’s your path, it’s your journey.

Remember what we said, focus and patience.

Don’t pay attention to the negativity and nay-sayers who don’t have the self-discipline to self-publish. Yes, there is still a stigma to self-publishing, but you just keep doing you, you hear?

Not only thinking about the story, but the whole place of it in the world, the entire product, from the cover to how and where your fans live.

What do we mean?

Immerse yourself in your genre. If you write crime fiction, where do your fans hang out? Which other authors do they follow on social media? Start following them too. What are the front covers like in the top 50 bestselling books in your genre? Read the top 10 books in the genre you want to write in and see what kind of characters they include etc. (WARNING: Do not copy, just try to see the themes that emerge and mould your storyline to that – this is also writing to market).

Marketing- Seriously put the work in marketing – even if it’s 30min every day of the week.

What do we mean?

If you are self-publishing on Amazon. Simply adding your book to amazon isn’t enough. Yes, you may sell a few copies, but um… that’s it.

You need to up your marketing game.

A lot of authors put this off until they have a book to sell then they start posting:

I have a new book out, buy it now!’

Your potential readers will think: No, why should I? Your post screams SPAM!


Set up a Twitter profile, Instagram page, Facebook page (you will need a page for advertising), YouTube and even a blog.

All this sounds overwhelming at first, I get that.

Spend a few weeks mastering one platform and commenting on other people’s posts and focus on building a community.

For instance:

If you are writing crime fiction, start following James Patterson and a few of his followers and start commenting on their posts.

Down the line, mention you are writing a crime fiction book and why people will benefit from reading it (it’s a unique storyline, well researched, great plot twist) rather than people SHOULD buy it.

Tell you followers about the PROCESS of you writing your book, ask their opinion on book covers, character names etc. Make them a part of the process and they will be more inclined to buy your book at the end rather than waiting until the end and THEN spamming people to buy it.

And please, please, please make sure you start building an email list. Do this please. (did I say please enough?)

Email marketing is still one of the most effective (and free) marketing strategies out there. It may seem alien to begin with but you can build up a great community.

How do I do this?

Give away a short story or book for free in return for a readers’ email address.

This way, you are providing value to that person.

In the back of the free book, you can have your social media platforms and the first couple of chapters of your book that’s on amazon ready for the reader to buy. Do it. You Must!

It might take ten books to make a dent.

What do we mean?

Again, this taps into the having focus and patience. I honestly thought we would release ‘Meet Me At 10’ and I would be printing money. But….nope!

We are making money now, but we have released a lot more books since.

Click image

This has taken self-belief, focus, patience and a plan to understand that we are heading for a minimum of 10 books before we can even think of relaxing.

But even at this stage, we are making money when we sleep, that’s still a lovely feeling. How many of your friends and family can say that?

            Avoid shiny object syndrome – If you want to publish multiple works, finish them all first, or get them in the final stages before you publish the first one.

I hear a lot about writers who are self-publishing but have a dozen book ideas that never get finished because they are working on all of them.

I could so easily fall into this trap.

I’m lucky, I have a creative brain where I have no problem getting ideas for books.


I have to focus on the path that Claire and myself are on otherwise you don’t actually finish anything.

Remember: Done is better than none.

Literally plan one book, finish it, plan the next, finish it and so on.

You will thank me later…


What do we mean?

Grammarly is a proofreading software. There is a free version and a paid version.

The absolutely minimum you should do with your book is run it through Grammarly. It’s easy and effective but this should NOT REPLACE A PROFESSIONAL PROOFREADER!

That it’s okay to write crap in your first draft that the really good writing comes from editing.

What do we mean?

A first draft is just that. It’s your first go and getting your story out of your head.


It can halt your creativity.

Remember: Done is better than none.

Some authors procrastinate and say they are ‘editing’ rather than writing. They then overthink their work and stop.

Get the first draft down, then edit, then send it to an editor.

Brush up your graphics skills

What do we mean?

As indie authors, we need to do a lot of the marketing ourselves. Some people love it, some people hate it. I personally love it as I’m a creative!

This means, that we have to put ourselves out there and tell the world how our book can benefit them.

This can be done by written word (twitter, Facebook posts of course) but sometime more effective, can be through striking graphics of our book covers:

These can done via BookBrush or Canva.

PS- I can do these for you, contact me for an affordable quote. (

People like to be able to see your book covers especially life-like pictures on kindles, with a cuppa etc. as your readers can easily picture having your book on their kindle while drinking a cup of tea.

Control the spending

What do we mean?

My goodness. I wished I had a time-machine and somebody stopped me spending a ridiculous amount on Facebook advertising when we only had one book out.

Yep, it’s safe to say I didn’t initially make a profit.

We spent a fortune sending out paperback copies of Meet Me At 10 to reviewers who ever bothered to review.

The list goes on….

Where you need to invest is:

  • Book Covers
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

Bad front covers

What do we mean?

A lot of authors have made the mistake of creating their own front covers only to realise…. They never sell any books. Why?

Because yes, people DO judge a book by it’s cover and if yours doesn’t look like the rest in the genre, readers are likely to skip past your book.

Harsh but true.

DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN FRONT COVER unless you actually are a graphic designer.

Yes, there are great places like canva, but I’m talking where authors say ‘I took a picture on my phone and uploaded that…’


Where can I get front covers done?

We use this graphic designer: Click here

Or you can use: STUART BACHE.

No character development

What do we mean?

You write a book and you character stays pretty much the same throughout and your readers will notice in their reviews.

What you need to do is create a character arc.

What is a character arc?

character arc is the transformation or inner journey of a character over the course of a story. If a story has a character arc, the character begins as one sort of person and gradually transforms into a different sort of person in response to changing developments in the story.

(Source: Wikipedia)

For example, if your main character is an introvert with no confidence, an intriguing ‘arc’ would be where they gradually get into situations that test their character resulting in them becoming confident.

I have a free download of how you can make your characters come alive.

Writing for EVERYONE!

What do we mean?

When I first started using things like facebook advertising for our debut novel ‘Meet Me At 10’, when I was asked to put in my target audience I thought ‘Yeah, I want EVERYBODY to read this book, it’s amazing!’

Yep, and now you can see why I spent a lot on Facebook adverting, right? Facebook has no problem showing your ad to everybody and you will get charge a lot with very few results.

The truth it, your book shouldn’t be written for everybody because you will end up pleasing nobody.

Through research and testing, we found out that our audience/readers are mainly women between the ages of 40-55 years old. Yes, we do have some male readers, but when I run ads, that is the age range who engage with the ad the most.

So… we target that market with our books. Feed the demand!

Comparing yourself to other self-published authors.

I’m still guilty of doing this.

But I’m mindful of doing it now. When we had only 2-3 books out, I was comparing out earnings to somebody who was self-publishing on Amazon with 8-9 books out. Crazy, right?

But we are all on a different journey, starting from different points, with different budgets etc.

As long as you see it as a marathon not a sprint and not to get caught up with shiny object syndrome and instead, work on one project at a time, you will succeed!

Self-publishing Authors who are smashing it:

Mark Dawson

Simon McCleave

Adam Croft

Craig Martelle

Rachel Abbott

LJ Ross

Resources for self-publishing that may help you improve further:

Mark Dawsons Ads For Authors Course

Publisher Rocket

Click Image
Click Image
Click Image

I wished I had got Publisher Rocket at the very beginning!

Books I recommend for Self-Publishing.

Click Image

Click Image

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So there we have it!

Those are the mistakes Self-Published authors want you to avoid.

You are now on your way to success!

Which was the most valuable lesson to you and why?

See you in the next one,


Helpful Tools you NEED for marketing a small business. The ULTIMATE guide.

Are you a new small business owner?

Or have you been in business a while and are looking for creative ways to promote your business?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s happening right now?

You’re busy, tired and overwhelmed with how to come up with ideas for promoting your business.

You want it to grow on autopilot, right?

You don’t have the money for expensive advertising and you are looking at ways to stand out from your competitors.

You’re worried about ‘falling behind’. And if you’re not utilising social media marketing as part of your small business strategy, you could be…

But… don’t worry!

Follow these easy-to-implement tips for your business and you will be soaring above the rest!

Here’s what you will get:

  • How to set up your social media accounts. Why it’s important and what to post.
  • Know your audience. (Find out exactly who they are)
  • Your message – what is it EXACTLY that you do and why this is important.
  • What do your future clients want?
  • What to put on your website (what companies to use)
  •  How to create sizzling social media posts that speak to your target market.
  •  The power of FREE.
  •  How to ‘keep’ your clients and followers coming back.
  •  Amazing resources that will supercharge your online business!
  • How to automate a social media marketing strategy for your small business! Pulling everything together. (The good bit!)

And much, MUCH more!

Tip 1 –  Set up your social media accounts

Why starting small and focusing on engagement with ensure your success.

Why should I use Twitter for my small business?

It’s free marketing. It doesn’t cost to post about the benefits of your business. It’s great for brand awareness and to engage with your customers and other businesses.

You will be able to keep track of what is going on and get a feel for what your customers maybe experiencing in relation to your business. Eg. during the pandemic, many people were losing their jobs, money maybe tight so when you post, you can take this into consideration.

You can directly speak to your customers for good and for bad. More importantly, if they have a complaint and you get back to them instantly, you could turn a disgruntled customer into your biggest fan!

You can include links to your website and drive more traffic to your products. make sure you highlight the benefits to your customers rather than the features of your products.

For instance, if you were to advertise a new TV you are selling, don’t focus on the mechanicals, focus on the experience your customer will get.

‘You will be able to watch your favourite programme with so much more clarity and immerse yourself…’

You can post links to your other social media sites such as your instagram, blog, Pinterest sites etc.

You can also follow your competitors and see what they post. And do BETTER! Bring more value to your customers, post more relevant content.

More info can be found:

Start small, don’t think you have to be an expert in EVERYTHING right away (I can help you with this if you struggle)

How to set up a Twitter account.

How to use Instagram to promote your business

Go behind the scenes of a typical day

What should you post on Instagram to promote your business?

Use the instagram stories feature to:

Interview employees/customers

Sneak peeks of new releases.

Make sure you fill out all of the space for your bio. This can be how you get searched for. Include your website (if you have one at this stage or include any other place people can follow you)

Make sure you use hashtags for each post. You can use a maximum of 30.

Where to find the hashtags?

Look at 10 of your competitors and make a note of which hashtags they use and include these. Or, you can use this website and type in:

Best hashtags for Photography

More tips to promote your small business on Instagram

Set up a Facebook page & a group page

Why should I use Facebook to market my business?

Create posts about the benefits of your business that can be shared.

Drive traffic to your website.

Educate your followers about your niche in order to position yourself as an authority in your field.

Drive people towards your email list (more on that)

Use Facebook ads to target your audience by behaviour, location and interests.

See what your competitors are posting and do better!

More info:

Tip 2 – Know your audience- Find out EXACTLY who they are and what they want. Remember the phrase ‘What’s in it for me?’ whenever you promote something to your customer.

It’s not about you, it’s about your client. What’s in it for them?


If you constantly advertise saying ‘We are brilliant, BUY our product NOW!’ the natural subconscious thought your client will say is:

‘So? How will you help me? What’s in it for me?’

  • Surveys/polls

Using surveys and polls for your business marketing is great to find out EXACTLY what your customers want, need and what their problems are.

You should have a number 1 focus to SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

How to set up a survey in google forms for free

Then, you should post content regularly highlighting what their problems are and EXACTLY how your business can help them. Focus on the experience rather than the features.

Tip 3 – What is your overall message?

Sum up exactly what your business does. This helps draw your ideal clients and customers towards you and also eliminates customers you don’t want. Think of a simple phrase or message.

Eg. ‘We help you discover amazing new places’ (if you are a travel agent for instance)


‘Feel better, feel fitter, live longer…’ (if you are a personal trainer)

What’s YOUR overall message?

Display this message on your website, in your email signatures, in your social media bios.

We help people…….

We help you discover…..

We look after people who……

Why is this important?

It shows people straight away that you are an authority in that field and also what you don’t do so you only attract people who are wanting that service.

Type into google and see what comes up for your niche.

If you are a personal trainer, and you help people lose weight. Here is how you can find out what your target market are looking for.

You can then create posts and videos using these search terms as your headings.

Such as:

Are you struggling with losing weight after pregnancy?

Tips for losing weight at home

You can go one step further and use what is called ‘Alphabet soup’ and type in the letter ‘a’ after losing weight, and then ‘b’ and all of those suggestions are what people are typing in.

See the example: I typed in ‘losing weight a’

You can create posts or videos to include:

Tips on losing weight after 50

One more example: ‘Losing weight b’

For whatever business you have, you will get LOTS of content ideas for videos and posts that will ensure you are posting EXACTLY what your target market are looking for.

Tip 5 – What to put on your website

Find out what to include on your website and which companies to use


Your overall message: We help people…..

A clear description of who you are and how you help people. (If you struggle with this, I will leave my details at the bottom. I can do this for you)

Make sure your website address is simple, easy to type and is relevant to your business. eg. JohnSmithFitnessTrainer.Com is good as Fitness Trainer is a keyword and people will know exactly what they are getting.

Your contact information that is easy to find and up to date.

Customer testimonials; even just brief one-two sentences. This helps with credibility.

An obvious and single call to action (CTA). Don’t give your customers too many options, a confused customer will not be a customer, they will look for the solution elsewhere.

eg. make the only call to action: Contact us now for a FREE consultation (for example)

Focus on your client, what are the benefits to THEM to coming to your business over somebody else’s?

What is your unique selling point?  You can get ideas from your surveys that you did.

* Write a simple step-by-step process on how they can book you and what will happen after each stage so they can ‘see it’.

Have your social media icons clearly visible so even if at first, they don’t become a client, they can follow your content.

More information:

Who should you use?

Depends on your expertise and budget, but here is a run-down:

Tip  #6 – How to create social media posts that speak to your target market

You’ll learn how to create sizzling content for your target market

After looking at the replies to your surveys/polls. (Spend a lot of time of this section) you will know what to include in your social media posts. Eg. If somebody says they are worried about being judged by a counsellor in their survey, your social media post can be:

*’Worried about being judged? Here are 5 reasons for you not to worry….’

 You can post on twitter, encourage people to share on your Facebook page and create Instagram posts.

 To make your posts more striking, you can use Canva.

Tip #7 – The power of FREE

Why giving away free products or services can help you market your small business.

It can help spread the word about your brand and business.

It reduces buyer risk and helps new customers come to your business.

Shows your generosity especially if the free product is something that solves a problem. (You will know what problem is solves by your research)

It can help you get feedback on your products.

You can do this by:

Giving away a free months’ subscription and double down on your customer service.

Give away a free 1st personal training session

If somebody buys in bulk give the first thing away for free.

Give away a free ‘plan’.

More information:

Tip  #8 – How to ‘keep’ your clients and followers coming back.

Learn how to position yourself as an expert to your clients

Create an email list

Why is it beneficial?

Free marketing and higher return on investment.

When you get more confident, you can target your emails dependant on their behaviour. (have they opened certain emails etc.)

You own your email list, you are not dependant on a company staying ‘open’ i.e. facebook etc.

More information here:

Companies you can use:

What to include in your emails

A welcome message

Thank them for support

How you are going to help them

Up and coming products that will enhance their lives

Case studies


Videos you’ve created about your business.

AMAZING resources that will help you SUPERCHARGE your marketing for your small business.

Click image for more info.

Book info:

PS. THIS IS BOOK 1 in a series that you NEED to read! (I wished I had read it earlier)

Master the science of funnel building to grow your company online with sales funnels in this updated edition from the $100 million entrepreneur and cofounder of the software company ClickFunnels.   

DotCom Secrets is not just another “how-to” book on internet marketing.

This book is not about increasing your conversions – yet these secrets will increase your conversions more than any headline tweak or split test you could ever hope to make.  

Low traffic or low conversion rates are symptoms of a much greater problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news).  

What most businesses really have is a “funnel” problem. Your funnel is the online process that you take your potential customers through to turn them into actual customers. Everyone has a funnel (even if they don’t realize it), and yours is either bringing more customers to you or repelling them.  

Over the past decade, we have run tens of thousands of split tests to figure out which funnels work for almost every situation you can dream of. If your goal is to generate leads, we have funnel frameworks and scripts for that. If you want to sell a product or a service, there are frameworks and scripts for that as well.  

The sales funnel frameworks that you will find on this audio have now helped literally tens of thousands of companies around the world to grow faster than ever before. This audiobook will give you access to all the processes, funnels, frameworks, and scripts that we use to scale our companies online so you can fix your funnel and turn it into the most profitable member of your team! 


Book 2 in this series:

Click image for more info

Book info:

It doesn’t matter what message, product, or service you are selling online, if you don’t build a mass movement of people who will pay to hear your mes- sage, it’s unlikely you will achieve success.
Expert Secrets Will Help You TooFind your voice and give you the confidence to become a leader…Build a mass movement of people whose lives you can affect…Make this calling a career, where people will pay you for your advice…

Your message has the ability to change someone’s life.

The impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable.

It could help to save marriages, repair families, change someone’s health, grow a company or more…

But only if you know how to get it into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change.

Expert Secrets will put your message into the hands of people who need it.


Book 3 in the series

Click image for more info

Book info:

Traffic Secrets was written to help you get your message out to the world about your products and services. I strongly believe that entrepreneurs are the only people on earth who can actually change the world. It won’t happen in government, and I don’t think it will happen in schools.

It’ll happen because of entrepreneurs like you, who are crazy enough to build products and services that will actually change the world. It’ll happen because we are crazy enough to risk everything to try and make that dream become a reality.

To all the entrepreneurs who fail in their first year of business, what a tragedy it is when the one thing they risked everything for never fully gets to see the light of day.

Waiting for people to come to you is not a strategy.

Understanding exactly WHO your dream customer is, discovering where they’re congregating, and throwing out the hooks that will grab their attention to pull them into your funnels (where you can tell them a story and make them an offer) is the strategy. That’s the big secret.

Traffic is just people. This book will help you find YOUR people, so you can focus on changing their world with the products and services that you sell.


Click image for more info

Click on image for more info

So now you are well on your way to promoting your small business and setting yourself apart from your competition!

You will no doubt find creative ideas on how to market your business on a budget.

I highly recommend you invest in the books selected as they offer immense value.

If you need any help with creating your business profile for your website, I offer a done-for-you service.

Email me at:

Looking for a Crime Fiction book?

It’s here!… 

Now…. we are very excited to tell you that ‘We Don’t Speak About Mollie’ is released!

It is Book 2 in the DI Rachel Morrison series.

Book 1 is ‘The Burying Place’ – (You can download that here)

If you love a twisted crime thriller, you’ll love ‘We Don’t Speak About Mollie’.

This is the blurb:

What do you do when you can’t remember something your hometown can’t forget?

The Killer in Kynance Cove mystery has been solved, but haunted by the aftermath, DI Rachel Morrison is in need of a change of scene. After accepting a secondment from Cornwall to a brand new Task Force in Liverpool, she gets stuck in immediately clearing the Missing Person’s cases that have been cluttering up the Reactive Crime Unit’s archives. One day, a new, mysterious case is brought to her attention by Katie Spencer, a distraught young woman with a harrowing childhood secret.

Twenty-seven-year-old Katie and her sister Jenny were separated twenty years ago by a father who couldn’t cope raising both of them after their mother died. Katie and Jenny now live at opposite ends of the country – and the distance between them is more than geographical.

At their aunt’s funeral, Katie and Jenny are reunited, albeit briefly. But why is Jenny so cold towards her? And why won’t she allow Katie to spend any time with Charlotte, Jenny’s five-year-old daughter?

And just who exactly is Mollie?

Mystified by her past, Katie drives up to Liverpool from her home in Brighton to seek answers from Jenny, but a familiar face tells her a story that completely destroys Katie’s world and throws into question everything she thought she knew.

Together with DI Morrison, Katie pieces together the fragments of her memory. But is knowing the truth a blessing or a curse?

What are you waiting for?

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Thank you for your support,

Vicky & Claire x

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Are you setting up a Private Counselling Practice? Here’s your ultimate checklist for success!

If you want to market your business step-by-step, enjoy the process of seeing your counselling practice grow, then this is the blog for you!

I’ve helped counsellors like you grow their client list, some were fully booked within 4 weeks!

Setting up a Private Counselling Practice can be daunting, confusing and damn right overwhelming!

There’s no classes on ‘How to set up a Counselling Practice’ when you were at University, right?

You’re probably thinking ‘I have no idea about marketing, and I can’t afford for an expensive copywriter…I’m stuck!” Then you start overthinking and then the next thing, you want to give up…


Follow these simple steps and you will be well on your way and trust me, you will be miles ahead of your competition EVEN IF you have zero idea about marketing.  

 Here’s what you can expect:

* Why starting small and focusing on engagement will ensure your success!

* Discover how to find out what your current and future clients REALLY want…

* Find out what to include on your website and which companies to use.

* You’ll learn how to create sizzling content for your target market!

* Discover ways to get clients to come to you!

* The SECRETS to a compelling Profile Page for your Counselling Practice!

* Learn how to position yourself as an expert to your clients!

What We’ll Cover in more detail:

Tip  #1 – Setting up your social media accounts

Tip  #2 – What do your future clients want? Ways you can find out.

Tip  #3 – Creating a simple website.

Tip  #4 – How to create social media posts that speak to your target market.

Tip  #5 – Counselling directories

Tip  #6 – Creating a KILLERProfile Page!

Tip  #7 – How to ‘keep’ your clients and followers!

And much, MUCH more!

Tip  #1 – Set up your social media accounts for your counselling practice.

 Start small, don’t think you have to be an expert in EVERYTHING right away (I can help you with this if you struggle- my details are at the bottom)

* Set up a Twitter account (here’s a video of exactly how to do that)

Twitter is great for posting content to your target market.

Here are other benefits of using Twitter for your counselling practice:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Keep up with the latest trends in your industry
  3. Promote your blog content, videos, presentations, etc.
  4. Boost your website SEO
  5. Drive website traffic
  6. Get instant feedback about your products and/or services
  7. Increase the reach and impact of your PR initiatives
  8. Gather real-time competitive intelligence
  9. Monitor your brand reputation
  10. Support your recruiting efforts by connecting directly with potential employees
  11. Gain direct access to high profile individuals

(Link to:

Ways you can use Twitter for marketing your counselling practice:

* Set up an Instagram account

Instagram is a great way to increase your reach. You can get really creative with designing your own posts!

Here are some reasons why you should set up an Instagram profile for your counselling practice:

  • More people are using Instagram.
  • Any size of business can thrive.
  • Businesses can make money directly from Instagram.
  • Stories make your business relatable.
  • You can partner with influencers.
  • Hashtags can increase your visibility.
  • You can effectively engage with customers.


How-to set up a Business Profile Page on Instagram for your counselling practice

 Set up a Facebook page & a group page for your counselling practice (notice I didn’t say a personal account- you want to keep it separate.)

With Facebook, you can encourage people to share your brand, message, services for FREE (but there is also Facebook advertising down the line)

Benefits of Facebook for business

  • Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy. …
  • Share basic information about your business. …
  • Share pictures and videos from your business. …
  • Talk to existing and potential customers. …
  • Provide customer support. …
  • Raise brand awareness and promote positive word-of-mouth. …
  • Facebook can steer traffic to your website. …
  • Targeted advertising

(Credit and more info:

How to set up a Facebook Page for your Counselling practice

Tip  #2 – What do your future clients want?

Discover HOW to find out what your current and future clients REALLY want…

The reasons why you want to know what your clients want, is so you can create a service they want and need which means they will keep coming back to (and referring) your counselling practice.

How to do this?

* Survey them using twitter/Instagram polls

(Here is a video on how to create a twitter poll

* Create more in-depth surveys in google drive.

Why use surveys?

  • Surveys can be used as a research method in order to inform future marketing decisions. …
  • Small business surveys can be used by sales staff to collect customer data for marketing purposes

(More information:

Here is a video on how to create a survey using Google Forms:

Then share the link to this survey everywhere and keep an eye on the responses!

* Ask your current clients to take part so you have a definitive list of wants from your current and future clients.

* Ask: Age, gender, occupation, why they would choose one counsellor over another, what would make a counselling session better, what their objections to counselling are and why etc.

* The more you find out the more you can meet their demand.

Tip  #3 – Create a simple website for your counselling practice.

What to include on your Counselling Website

  • Frontpage. The frontpage is more often than not, the first thing that potential clients will see so is obviously of great importance.

How you can help your client

  • About Me. Any about me section is an opportunity to tell potential clients about yourself. …
  • Cost/Location/Services. …
  • Testimonials from current/previous clients.
  • Blog
  • Contact Details.
  • FAQs

(More info:

* Focus on your client, what are the benefits to THEM to coming to your counselling practice over somebody else’s?

* What is your unique selling point?  You can get ideas from your surveys that you did.

* Have a simple call to action (CTA) on each page on how they can contact you.

* Write a simple step-by-step process on how they can book you and what will happen after each stage so they can ‘see it’.

* Have your social media icons clearly visible so even if at first they don’t become a client, they can follow your content.

What company should I use?

This is dependent on budget and your expertise. We personally use GoDaddy for our website (

But here are some comparisons:

Here’s more tips of what to include on your Website for your counselling practice:

Tip  #4 – How to create social media posts that speak to your target market

You’ll learn how to create sizzling content for your target market

* After looking at the replies to your surveys/polls. (Spend a lot of time of this section) you will know what to include in your social media posts.

Eg. If somebody says they are worried about being judged by a counsellor in their survey, your social media post can be:

‘Worried about being judged? Here are 5 reasons for you not to worry….’

* You can post on twitter, encourage people to share on your Facebook page and create Instagram posts.

* To make your posts more striking, you can use canva. (There is a free and paid version).


How-to create Instagram posts using Canva:

Tip  #5 – Join counselling directories

Discover ways to get clients to come to you

* What are counselling directories?

A counselling directory connects you with clients who are looking for services near you.

* How much does it cost for me to feature my counselling practice in a directory?

Around £10-20 a month. Some you may get a discount if you pay out for the year.

* Links to some counselling directories

* Why are they beneficial to you?

If your profile is AMAZING, clients will literally come to you!

Tip  #6 – Create a KILLER Profile Page for your counselling practice.

The secrets to a compelling Profile Page for your counselling practice

What is a profile page? (See an example of below)

Link to the full version:

* What should you include in your profile page?

Here’s everything you need to know:

Get clients – FAST!

Link to it on Amazon: 

(Contact me below if instead you would like me to write your killer profile page for your counselling practice. I did the example one you have just read. This counsellor was fully booked in 4 weeks!)

Tip  #7 – How to ‘keep’ your clients and followers

Learn how to position yourself as an expert to your clients

Set up Email Marketing


There are several benefits to planning out the perfect email marketing strategy for your business:

  • Targeted and personalized content.
  • Build credibility.
  • Better brand recognition.
  • Boost sales. (Emails are free to send remember!)
  • Stronger customer relationships. You can regularly engage with your followers.
  • Metrics to learn what works. Which type of emails works best for your followers.
  • Increased traffic to your website/blogs etc.

(More info:

 Companies you can use

Again, that is up to you depending on skill-set and budget. We personally use

But here is a run-down for you to compare and make up your mind.

What to include in your emails

Email out an introduction about yourself and your counselling practice and what you can offer.

This is another good opportunity to use a survey to ask what content your followers want.

You can regularly ask your followers what questions they would like answered and then dedicate an email to that.

Go onto google and type in your niche and see what questions automatically come up (this means they are getting searched for) see below:

You could do an email on ‘Anxiety Tips and Tricks – 10 ways to stop a panic attack’

Next Steps:

  1. Check out this online course that walks you through the whole process of creating an irresistible profile page for your counselling practice:

Your walk-through to basic marketing. (Link to online course)


Some may see it as controversial, but I start offering my services for FREE, yes for FREE.

Even for 1-2 clients. This can help you get your confidence and take somebody through the experience from beginning, middle and end.

You can then ask them for testimonials which makes is SO much easier to get paying clients as you are already ‘Tried and tested’.


I would search for 10 of your competitors and just see what they are posting on all their social media accounts. I would take a look at their website too. This can really help you frame your business going forward.


Try and include a completely separate space where you will see clients and do your paperwork etc.

Take pictures of where the client (and you) will be sitting.


So, there you have it! You’re on your way to setting up an awesome counselling practice.

If you do get stuck remember you can email me and I can help with:

Creating a Killer Profile page

Creating a Killer Content Strategy (so that you NEVER run out of ideas of what to post!)

And much more…

Email me:

Are you a Counsellor? How To Start Standing Out Online From Your Competitors and Get More Clients… Without Spending A Fortune On Ads!

Imagine this feeling…

Do You Want to Be A Counsellor Who Consistently Avoids seeing ‘Zero Enquiries‘ on your profile?

Ready To Say Hello To More More Visibility On Your Profile?

If you want to get MORE visibility that could lead to more clients, then you need these tips because, among other things, they will help elevate your profile so you don’t have to deal with wasting time and money and not getting anywhere and getting left behind your competitors…

Tip 1.

Pick 10 competitor counsellor profiles. On each one, position yourself as the client. What positive things do you see about each profile – write them down.

How are the counsellors ‘speaking’? Formal? Friendly?

Do YOU feel drawn to that counsellor? If yes, why? – write it down.

‘They seem to address objections, worries etc.’

Tip 2

Re-vamp your profile across the platforms.

Is your profile about you or is it ‘speaking’ to the client – there is a MASSIVE difference!

Does your profile look the same as your competitors?

How/why would your potential client pick you above everybody else?

Tip 3

Get testimonials from previous clients. Obviously don’t show their full name, but make it clear they are/were a client or somebody who has accessed your service.

Include testimonials throughout your website/profile to show social proof.

‘Don’t take my word for it… here’s what my clients say’

Tip 4

Survey your audience. Whether that be followers on your social media, current clients etc.

Find out ‘specifically’ (the more detailed the better) of what their pain points/objections are/would be in accessing counselling.

When I have done polls, simple things like the actual booking experience (i.e. they had to speak to somebody on the phone rather than online booking) led some people to not access counselling.

Do you cater for all/most objections? If you do, you will already stand out from your competitors.

Tip 5

Bring out regular content specifically for your audience. They are looking at your for guidance. If you can bring out information tailored to their pain points ‘anxiety, depression etc.’ then you put yourself in authority and somebody they can trust.

If they aren’t already a client, they would be more inclined as they will keep saying: ‘S/he is really on my wavelength with their blogs/posts etc.’ and more inclined to enquire as they will think:

‘If this is what their free content is like, imagine what their sessions will be like?’

Tip 6

List the benefits, not just the features of your service. People buy/access service not for features, but based on emotion.

How are they likely to ‘feel’ in your sessions? Safe, secure, listened to, acknowledged?

(By doing the previous tips of surveying and finding out their pain points, you will add in here what they would want to ‘feel’.)

Eg. ‘In our sessions, you will feel you can open up in a safe space without being judged.

You will be listened to.’

Tip 7

Use questions in the headline sections (the bit potential clients see before they click on your profile)

AVOID: Making it all about you. In one sentence, HOW will YOU help the client? What are they likely to feel at the point of searching?

EG. ‘Are you looking for a safe space to open up in? Do you feel like even the small things are getting on top of you? etc.

What to do now?…

1. Are you a qualified  counsellor?

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