All go, and all good…exciting times!


Can’t believe it was February when I last did a blog or a newsletter- time really is flying!

You well? What have you been up to?

It’s been non-stop, I’ve been really enjoying learning over the last couple of months especially around marketing etc.

The month of March was our bestselling month for ‘Meet Me At 10’! We also have surpassed our goal to get over 100 reviews!

If you would like to read ‘Meet Me At 10’ it’s still only 99p and you can download (or order the paperback) here:

We have been asked to give a talk by a local library this Thursday on the book and the process etc. Really looking forward to that and hope to do more talks in the future!

We worked with the same designer to finalise the front cover of the prequel to ‘Meet Me At 10’ – SHONA . If you wanted to contact our designer, here is the email address:

If you want to be added to our pre-order list for Shona, please let me know.

I’m quite excited that the Audiobook of ‘Meet Me At 10’ is due to be finished on 30th April 😃

We used a company called ACX and I really loved the process, here is their website for the authors out there: ACX


I really can’t wait … we have booked our summer trip! A proper Bucket List adventure! We are going with a company called Expat (who we have been with before when we did a Europe trip) and we loved it so much that we are going with them again to 10 countries!

If you want to check out their website for what other trips they do, click here: EXPAT EXPLORE

We have also just started a YouTube channel! We are beginners and each Vlog I upload, I’m learning more and more and being honest, it was something I was nervous about and I’m actually quite shy as a person when it comes to the camera!

We have hit our first goal of getting over 100 subscribers, but our next BIG goal is to reach 1000 Subscribers… the aim is to spread awareness with mental health, and how Bucket listing helped me get over depression and made me have a thirst for travel and writing which is very slowly but surely turning into a career.

If you have a YouTube account, it would be awesome if you could support us (and likewise we will support your channel) by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button here:

Our YouTube Channel

You can see some of our videos too! (I’m learning all the time)


I can not even tell you how many books, articles, blogs etc I have read in the process of bringing out ‘Meet Me At 10’ (as well as all the mistakes I’ve made that of course adds to the learning process) and marketing it to bestseller status in its category. I’ve found that I have a passion for the process of writing and then promoting. When we (Claire Hackney- my co-Author and I) have been asked to give talks, I found I thrived when helping others create and then bring that idea to a book plan and then advice of how to take it forward.

So…we have designed a Writing Course for beginners. We have had so many writers contact us (mainly on twitter) asking how we actually plan, research, write and then market a book that I felt because I was repeating myself, I thought ‘Why not just design a course?’

The course will be ready towards the end of 2018 but we have been surprised by the number of people who have put their name down to be contacted as soon as it becomes available. It’s affordable, simple, online and will be in printed form so whichever suits.

If you would like to be contacted about the ‘FreeWriter’ course, just let me know.

Books I recommend…

I don’t get a lot of time to read, but here are some books that I recommend:

An author friend of mine Emma Robinson (who met us at one of our talks) has signed with a publisher and released her debut novel ‘UnderCover Mother’ and it has absolutely smashed it in the Amazon charts!

Here are the details:

Click here to buy: UNDERCOVER MOTHER

Another book I recommend for the business side of things is:

I’ve got soooo many business ideas out of this (including the idea to create ‘FreeWriter’) that if you are in business or have customers in any way, read this! Get it here: CRUSHING IT!

What I have found helpful, is in between the craziness of writing, marketing, working etc is to go out for nice long walks. I also made it a Bucket List thing to visit 30 different National Parks in the country (you get a stamp at each one for your ‘Passport’- that I think is meant for kids, but anyway!)

I find that when I take a break from it all, I actually end up coming up with solutions for things and more book ideas!

Join National Trust here: (no I don’t get commission on any of these recommendations!) – INFO ON THE NATIONAL TRUST HERE

Well… I hope some of these things have been able to help you too. Until next time,

Take care,

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