Are you a Counsellor? How To Start Standing Out Online From Your Competitors and Get More Clients… Without Spending A Fortune On Ads!

Imagine this feeling…

Do You Want to Be A Counsellor Who Consistently Avoids seeing ‘Zero Enquiries‘ on your profile?

Ready To Say Hello To More More Visibility On Your Profile?

If you want to get MORE visibility that could lead to more clients, then you need these tips because, among other things, they will help elevate your profile so you don’t have to deal with wasting time and money and not getting anywhere and getting left behind your competitors…

Tip 1.

Pick 10 competitor counsellor profiles. On each one, position yourself as the client. What positive things do you see about each profile – write them down.

How are the counsellors ‘speaking’? Formal? Friendly?

Do YOU feel drawn to that counsellor? If yes, why? – write it down.

‘They seem to address objections, worries etc.’

Tip 2

Re-vamp your profile across the platforms.

Is your profile about you or is it ‘speaking’ to the client – there is a MASSIVE difference!

Does your profile look the same as your competitors?

How/why would your potential client pick you above everybody else?

Tip 3

Get testimonials from previous clients. Obviously don’t show their full name, but make it clear they are/were a client or somebody who has accessed your service.

Include testimonials throughout your website/profile to show social proof.

‘Don’t take my word for it… here’s what my clients say’

Tip 4

Survey your audience. Whether that be followers on your social media, current clients etc.

Find out ‘specifically’ (the more detailed the better) of what their pain points/objections are/would be in accessing counselling.

When I have done polls, simple things like the actual booking experience (i.e. they had to speak to somebody on the phone rather than online booking) led some people to not access counselling.

Do you cater for all/most objections? If you do, you will already stand out from your competitors.

Tip 5

Bring out regular content specifically for your audience. They are looking at your for guidance. If you can bring out information tailored to their pain points ‘anxiety, depression etc.’ then you put yourself in authority and somebody they can trust.

If they aren’t already a client, they would be more inclined as they will keep saying: ‘S/he is really on my wavelength with their blogs/posts etc.’ and more inclined to enquire as they will think:

‘If this is what their free content is like, imagine what their sessions will be like?’

Tip 6

List the benefits, not just the features of your service. People buy/access service not for features, but based on emotion.

How are they likely to ‘feel’ in your sessions? Safe, secure, listened to, acknowledged?

(By doing the previous tips of surveying and finding out their pain points, you will add in here what they would want to ‘feel’.)

Eg. ‘In our sessions, you will feel you can open up in a safe space without being judged.

You will be listened to.’

Tip 7

Use questions in the headline sections (the bit potential clients see before they click on your profile)

AVOID: Making it all about you. In one sentence, HOW will YOU help the client? What are they likely to feel at the point of searching?

EG. ‘Are you looking for a safe space to open up in? Do you feel like even the small things are getting on top of you? etc.

What to do now?…

1. Are you a qualified  counsellor?

2. Do you want to implement these tips right away so that you don’t miss out?

3. Are you willing and able to pay somebody A LOT of money to do it? (If no, go to #4)

4. Contact me now and I will help take care of ALL of these things for you at a ridiculously affordable price. (To the point where EVEN IF you only got 1 more extra client from it, you’d be in profit)

Sound good?

Hope that makes things easier for you, whatever you decide to do.

For a one-off payment of £149

I will go through your profiles (website, counselling directory, psychology today etc.) and make it stand out, be compelling and appealing to your potential clients.

I will give you the EXACT questions to pass on to your clients to tease out the answers for an AMAZING testimonial for your platforms.

I will give you 20 killer headlines for content specific for your niche so that you are seen as an authority in your field. No more blank pages for ideas!.

Here’s What You ALSO Get:

YOU get 20% discount off ANY future work with me for a per hour/per job basis.

YOU will get 50% discount on your next service with me if you recommend me to somebody else who uses my service!

You get a profile that will ‘speak’ to the pain points of your client. You will be seen as reading their mind!

You get next step advice re: building your social media presence to reach even more clients!


“I absolutely LOVE what you’ve written!”

“I’ve run it past my family, and they love what you’ve written too!”

“It’s blooming fantastic!”

“Thank you so so much! I’m thrilled!”

Don’t be left behind, say YES to building a flourishing business!

Contact me now:

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