Bucket List Cheddar Gorge 1st March 2015

Cheddar GorgeSo, just a quick one, it was on my Bucket List to got to Cheddar Gorge today, which I did, looks beautiful, really picturesque! Worth a visit!


Songwriting with Ross Hemsworth in Somerset….

Hi Guys,

Just back from Somerset where I have been writing and recording a new track that was originally a country feel, but now a pop/rock with a hint of country with Ross Hemsworth @RossSongwriter (Follow him peeps) who has done many things let me tell you! He has been a Radio presenter, TV presenter for GhostHunting programmes, author and Songwriter/Manager to name but a few.

Really enjoyed it, Ross just doing the mixing. Ross originally wrote a backing track and gave it to me with the title ‘Waiting For The Postman To Come’

Immediately I got a melody to it and a story for that matter….I came up with this idea of a woman in her twenties or thirties who has a major crush on the postman and orders pointless items so that he has to personally deliver them to her to sign for them and that one day she finally plucks up the courage to ask him out via a letter,,,,,

Here are the lyrics:

Waiting For The Postman To Come

Verse 1

I’ve seen a useless invention,

I gotta have,

To go with the horde,

That’ll end up in black bags,

Don’t have a use,

It’s just an excuse,

To sign on the line,

For the mailman that’s so cute,

Don’t tell me I’m crazy,

You’d do the same,

If you could feel this just like we do,

You’d scratch the itch that lit this flames,


It takes a lifetime,

To get the night time to pass so I can see,

A vision from nowhere,

To somebody so near,

He smiles as he lingers, he really sees me,

It takes a lifetime,

To get through the nightime

Night time, night time, night time,

Waiting for the postman to come,

Verse 2

My eyes come alive,

When he walks up the drive,

I lose all sense,

But I’m caught in the middle,

Give up on the chase,

Or get nearer the day,

When hope goes my way,

And he rings to reveal all,

Don’t tell me I’m crazy,

You’d do the same,

If you could feel this just like we do,

You’d scratch the itch that lit this flames,


I’ve bit the bullet,

I’m gonna send this,

His address this time,

But there’s no mistaking

All of my feelings,

Could his heart be his reply?

My weekend….

So, as I love writing, in whatever form it is…this weekend, after accepting the challenge from @RossSongwriter down in Somerset to write a Country song, I’m going to record a demo of it at his home studio.

If YOU like Country music, follow him on twitter.

Got lots of studying to do, plus I want to write one of my short stories that I’ve really got into…Reckon it will be a long short story! 😉  Deadline isn’t until May, but I’d like to do some research for this one, I’d like to maybe make it into a novel idea, its very emotive and moving.

Anyway, have a great weekend peeps

Vicky x


My first Blog !! 😃

Hi guys,

So I’m a bit late to the party, but I got there- this is my first blog!

I wanted to share with you what I’m up to and why…

When I was 30 (I’m 34 now) I wrote a Bucket List as I felt I wanted a more exciting and fulfilling life after leaving the Royal Navy at 24. Maybe I was missing the adrenaline fuelled days that military life provided hence why I have thrown myself into planning activities that can be different, challenging and scary!

I was indulging my passion for songwriting in the meantime, but I felt something was missing hence writing THE list.

The are 300 challenges on it, of which I’ve completed over 160 so far, the aim is to complete as many as I can by my 40th birthday.

I’m planning on releasing a book about why I started it (the long story) and to include all my adventures and experiences (and there has been quite a few!!!) writing and releasing books are on my Bucket a list too!

I absolutely love writing, whether that be songs (my music is on YouTube- look up Vicky Jones music channel) short stories (I’m a member of a writing group) or books (I have novel ideas and screenplay ideas) I will be including about writing also on here. 

I also love filming and have done the camera work for Hackneys Histories (check it out on YouTube) whereby we visit historic sites to educate and encourage visitors. If you know of any sites we can film, let us know.

That’s it for my first blog, but there’s LOTS to come!!!

You can follow me on twitter @VICKYJONES7 

Thank you for reading,